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@HughMyddelton . Nov 19
What a rich morning looking at the depth and development of character in with and https://t.co/yAgz7U8ojJ
@HughMyddelton . Nov 12
Such a rich day of learning with the senior leaders , looking at the consistency of through the school. So good to reflect and thing about what has been successfully implemented and where the next steps lie. Some superb writing! https://t.co/46Iod1clmJ
@HughMyddelton . Nov 8
We had a busy week last week with visits to , , , AND Warden Hill Junior School! Hope you all enjoyed the Boggling Brain workshop and getting stuck in to some science!
@HughMyddelton . Oct 23
We are All Under the Same Moon ❤️ Tomorrow we welcome to London. An inter-generational cast of 55 dancers – alumni, Company of Elders & young people from our associate schools – will perform a new piece by Ruby Portus. Join us! https://t.co/Tvm51B2UJ7 https://t.co/00wAZd1EPi
@HughMyddelton . Oct 16
Excellent visit today for school to Spitalfields City Farm funded by the Water Conservation Trust. Children learnt about food production, types of vegetables and fruits, pollination, pest control and animal welfare. Then they made butter with herbs from the farm https://t.co/ohAWiQolJg
@HughMyddelton . Oct 15
It’s not just William Shatner who launched this week. We’re delighted to officially introduce our new websites: for the Learning Quarter Partnership (https://t.co/wWDBr2bgOY), Winton (https://t.co/QvvwQdTtmu) & for Hugh Myddelton (https://t.co/4SJUvEU3OP). 🚀🌒💻📱✨ https://t.co/EVro6cBW2h
@HughMyddelton . Oct 12
Thanks for having us ! Loved talking to your year 5 and 6's about what history is critically and what this means this and asking your learners to think about how we can do history better in the future! https://t.co/0bhNVGFy0k
@HughMyddelton . Sep 24
The trees and plants in Forest for Change improved air quality by a huge 33%. 🌏💙🌳 So proud Islington Clean Air Parents is bringing 200 of them to Islington and the difference they will make to the air our children breathe. 1/2 https://t.co/p5sOhFdcti
@HughMyddelton . Jul 20
We are so proud of you, Mrs Ramsay! ✨🥇✨ https://t.co/fzXA8eWaFF
@HughMyddelton . Jul 15
The Award for Bright Start Early Years Educator of the Year will be presented by Leader of Well Done to all our Nominees who hail from 👏 👏 👏 Winner Announced 19th July! https://t.co/ujeRCVm7pG
@HughMyddelton . Jun 23
Happy staff have risen to the pandemic challenge amazingly. You are all SUPERSTARS! A huge thank you to for donating some sweet treats for break time 🤫 https://t.co/hZXUzKoZR5
@HughMyddelton . Jun 23
Today is National ‘Thank a Teacher’ Day, and we’re all feeling very much appreciated. A special s/o to and for the treats! 🧁🥰🍰 https://t.co/fC1UkrGH0e
@HughMyddelton . Jun 23
We’re so excited to be involved in this brilliant project, which will have an impact on air quality, biodiversity and wellbeing in Clerkenwell for decades to come.🌲🌳🧑🏽‍🦱🧒🏼👩🏿👧🏾👦🏻🌳🌲
@HughMyddelton . Jun 23
Children from school at learning about . We are delighted to announce their playground will be benefit from of a cluster of Islington Forest for Change trees donated by https://t.co/Ed6Jd34XhG
@HughMyddelton . Jun 15
Please re-tweet our crowdfunding page for our 'Devices for All' campaign. We are aiming to provide every child with a digital device to bridge the digital divide. Thank you in advance. https://t.co/b2Q2D9DIkE https://t.co/tgG5tHTCas
@HughMyddelton . Mar 10
Another step towards tackling the digital divide! We're delighted that another ten of our families will receive internet-enabled devices, thanks to . 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻
@HughMyddelton . Feb 18
We're so grateful for this support - it's great to have such help from our neighbours and wider community. Eradicating digital poverty in Clerkenwell, one device at a time! Thank you, , and . 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻 https://t.co/6hoxbbX1NI
@HughMyddelton . Feb 18
Great to be able to support with the allocation of 15 computers. Some of them are brand new, thanks to a donation from ! Huge thanks to the for putting us in touch! https://t.co/BuC5CwtWDu
@HughMyddelton . Feb 9
We can't wait to be part of this! https://t.co/HEcpAr9gEk
@HughMyddelton . Jan 31