Learning Quarter Partnership 5


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 

Plutarch 46-120 AD

Our curriculum is designed to inspire a quest for learning, throughout life that is rooted in the here and now, preparing us for the world of tomorrow.  

Winton Primary is a unique and diverse school in the heart of King's Cross, committed to providing an education of a world-class standard where all pupils can thrive and achieve their potential. 

Our ambitious and inspiring curriculum aims to develop the whole child as a unique intelligent learner by:

  •         developing curiosity through inquiry led to learning 
  •         creating knowledgeable intelligent thinkers that engage with issues both locally and globally 
  •         expressing ourselves confidently 
  •         acting with integrity, honesty, and dignity with a strong sense of fairness and justice 
  •         appreciate our own cultures and histories as well as the values and traditions of others  
  •         showing empathy, compassion, and respect and strive to make a difference 
  •         working independently with determination to explore new ideas and to face challenges