Physical Education

Physical Education at Winton aims to open up our children’s eyes to the fantastic opportunities that it brings to develop both individual fitness and skills, as well as working effectively in a variety of team based sports and activities. Children have two hours of taught PE a week, where all key areas of the national curriculum are covered across the year, including half a year’s swimming for all Key Stage 2 children. We are extremely fortunate to have a purpose built sports hall for all classes to use for their PE lessons and all pupils are taught by specialist sports coaches (Key Sports).

At Winton we pride ourselves in providing exciting and inspiring extra curricula opportunities. We have a huge range of clubs on offer which are constantly changing and reflecting what the children desire.

P0286 School Drivers CARINGCaring: With the notion of good sportsmanship and teamwork at the heart of our PE curriculum, caring about each other in a sporting context is a key feature of our curriculum.



P0286 School Drivers CONNECTConnections:Our topics make consistent and meaningful connections between core movements required across different sports as well as ensuring children can make connections between what muscles are utilised for what actions and movements.


P0286 School Drivers COMMCommunication:  Being an effective communicator in a team is seen as a fundamental principle of collective work in our PE curriculum.



P0286 School Drivers CURIOSCuriosity: Where dance and gymnastics are held in the same regard as football and basketball, the range of different types of sports within our curriculum means that all children are exposed to a wide range of activities that they may not necessarily choose to explore.

PE Curriculum Map

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