Home Learning

We believe that home learning is an activity that pupils undertake outside of the school day, either independently or with the support of family members. The shared learning experiences that home learning provides are an extremely valuable tool in helping children to value their own education.

The key aims of the home learning content that we provide are to ensure that:

· All children have access to high-speed internet and a digital device that enables children to learn outside of school.

· There are opportunities for children and parents/families to engage in shared learning experiences.

· There is a progression towards independence and individual responsibility for learning at home. We believe that home learning should be both enjoyable and manageable for all stakeholders. 

Home learning is celebrated through Seesaw. Pupils can share their home learning with their teachers through the platform. The class teacher will review pupils' engagement with home learning through Seesaw. Reading books will be changed and reading records checked. In the Early Years, home learning tasks will be shared through Seesaw. 

Home learning activities are set each week through the digital learning platform of Seesaw. This engaging, learning platform motivates children to continue to learn at home as they are able to easily send work to their teachers through an app or the Seesaw website. Children can take screenshots of their progress, create and send videos to their teacher to review and mark, and also complete written tasks, which are uploaded for their teacher to view.

Some curriculum-aligned whole school resources have been chosen to extend children's skills and knowledge through parent, child, and teacher questionnaires to ensure equity and high engagement levels. These are core digital learning platforms that children use every week in-home learning:

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Children and parents should be encouraged to discuss any problems they are having with their teacher. It is not acceptable for children to struggle excessively, causing upset at home. Obtaining parental support is of paramount importance. Parents can message their child's teacher directly through the Class Dojo app.

We also do not believe that learning experiences should be confined to pieces of work in books. The value of children visiting museums, galleries, historical monuments, and the vast range of cultural heritage and points of interest that London has to offer, cannot be underestimated and should be shared as often as is practically possible with children.

We believe that the opportunities we provide for home learning will help children to develop independence, realise their full potential, and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

Home  Learning Policy 

Home Learning Letter to Parents