Vision and Values

“We believe in working hard, learning from our failures, and celebrating our successes.”

Vision of the Learning Quarter Partnership: 

An outward-looking federation that engages with the emergent opportunities and challenges that present in our ever-changing London, United Kingdom, and wider world;

A federation that gets the core academic and behavioural basics right, so it can explore and innovate its offer to keep teachers and pupils stimulated;

A federation that takes pleasure in its work: unlocking teacher talents to unlock children’s talents, giving authority and responsibility to individuals, going the extra mile;

A federation with a proud identity, open to all those want to take part - and play their part with passion - becoming an ever-stronger force for good in the community;

A federation that represents the local community: its people, its culture, its history and future, its organisations large and small;

A federation that believes in better, and knows how to deliver it.

‘The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.’

Albert Einstein