Data Protection

Like all organisations that keep or process personal data, we regularly review and update our systems and policies to take account of the UK general data protection regulation (UK GDPR). The regulation gives control to individuals over their personal information and requires organisations that collect and hold personal information to keep that information safe and secure.

As a result of the regulation we have:

  • updated (and kept under review) our Data Protection Policy, and linked policies;
  • conducted an audit to make sure we are only holding information that is relevant for our children and the entire school communities;
  • issued new privacy notices (below) that explain how we collect, process and store personal data;
  • had staff and governor training on keeping information safe and on the General Data Protection Regulation.

There are more details in the Data Protection Policy which makes clear the circumstances under which any personal data can be shared outside the schools.

The policy also outlines the new rights individuals have to see information we hold about themselves and their child and describes how you can go about getting this information.
If after reading the new policies you have any questions or want more information, please contact one of the school offices.

Please note that the schools will share information about pupils with the NHS or Vaccination UK (the NHS-commissioned organisation overseeing the school vaccination programmes). The legal basis for this sharing of information is medical safeguarding.