Learning Quarter Partnership 33

Our Staff

Staff Team  


Ms. S. Gill

Deputy Headteacher

Ms. T. Bhattachary

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator)

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Designated Teacher for Looked-after or Previously Looked-after Children

Ms. A. Louis

Assistant Headteacher

Ms. S. Dixon 

Assistant Headteacher (English)

Ms. L. McCrindle

Assistant Headteacher


Ms. N. Leung
Executive Headteacher - The Learning Quarter Partnership (Hugh Myddelton and Winton Primary Schools) Ms. N. Parker
Associate Headteacher - The Learning Quarter Partnership (Hugh Myddelton and Winton Primary Schools) Mr. T. Barber

Phase Leader

(Years 5 & 6)

Ms. C. Andrews

Phase Leader

(Early Years)

Ms. H. Wassell


Music Department

Mr. J. Phillips (Music Co-ordinator)

Mr. C. Colbran (Brass Teacher)

Ms. M. Robertson (Woodwind Teacher)

Ms. E. Stevens (Strings Teacher)

Mr. R. Morris (Strings Teacher)

Mr. C. Clarke (Suzuki Brass Teacher)

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Ms. D. Dawe (Lead Teacher for Languages)

Ms. S. Petitpas (French Teacher)

Personal Development Team

Ms. K. Elander (Lead Teacher for Outdoor Learning and Forest School)

Ms. C. Conway (Physical Education)

Year 6 Team

Ms. C. Andrews

Ms. S.-J. Kennedy

Mr. J. Beaman

Ms. C. Parkes (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 Team  

Ms. M. Shannon-Fagan

Ms. E. Jones

Ms. C. Norman (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 Team

Ms. S. Wong

Mr. D. Torpey/Ms. D. Dawe

Ms. C. Clayton (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 Team

Ms. L. McCrindle

Ms. L. Straker

Ms. L. Fairhead (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 Team     

Ms. A. Forde

Ms. R. Khatoum

Mr. S. Henry (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Team

Ms. R. Cullen

Ms. S. Rooney

Ms. H. Tarim (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. S. Dean (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Team

Ms. H. Wassell (Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Lead for EYFS)

Ms. J. Ward

Ms. D. Jeffryes (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. S. Bardy (Early Years Education Worker)

Nursery Team

Ms. A. Ramsay

Ms. H. Spilsbury

Ms. S. Braybrook (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. M. Nunes (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. D. Sutoto (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Ms. M. Bardy (Midday Meals Supervisor)

2+ Centre Team

Ms. K. Pettitt (Early Years Lead Practitioner - maternity cover)

Ms. A. Cummins (Early Years Lead Practitioner - maternity leave)

Ms. L. O'Dwyer (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. S. Salah (Early Years Education Worker)

Safeguarding, Attendance and Medical Officer Ms. D. Dunne
SEND Teacher Mr. J. Atan
Interventions Teacher Ms. M. Bhatti
SEND Teaching Assistants

Ms. F. Yasmin (Speech and Language)

Mr. S. Smith (Learning Support Assistant)

Ms. C. Doherty (Learning Support Assistant)

Administration Team

Federation Business Manager: Ms. R. Chambers

Senior Administration Officer: Ms. L. McVey

Administration Assistants

Ms. L. Cairns

Ms. B. Rogers

Ms. D. Sezer

Premises Team

Premises Manager: Mr. E. Butler

Premises Assistant: Ms. A. Levy

Extended Schools Team

Extended Schools Coordinator: Ms. K. Jacobs

After School Club Leader: Ms. M. Tedore

After School Club: Ms. P. Field, Ms. S. Dean, Ms. C. Doherty

Breakfast Club: Ms. H. Tarim, Ms. Z. Sahin, Ms. L. Fairhead, Ms. W. Cassell

School Cook Ms. A. Rougier