Policies & Documents

If you would like a paper copy of any of these policies, or any of the other information on our websites, please contact the relevant school office team. 

The LQP Safeguarding Policy and further information about child protection can be found here.

Whistleblowing Policy: 


Page Downloads Date  
LQP Complaints Procedure 2021-24 03rd Sep 2021 Download
LQP Equalities Information and Objectives 2021 25 11th Nov 2021 Download
LQP Accessibilty Plan 2021 24 08th Dec 2021 Download
Islington Council - Managing Allegations Against Staff 20th Jan 2021 Download
LQP Whistleblowing policy 14th Sep 2022 Download
LQP Attendance Policy 2022 2023 21st Feb 2023 Download
LQPS Charging and Remissions Policy 12th Jul 2023 Download
Winton Primary Behaviour Policy Updated 2023 24 22nd Sep 2023 Download
Hugh Myddelton Behaviour Policy 2023 24 updated SEPT 23 25th Sep 2023 Download
Safeguarding Policy 23 29th Sep 2023 Download