Religious Education

Our aim for religious education is that it enables pupils to be curious so they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate their own views and those of others. 

P0286 School Drivers CARINGCaring: With such a wide range of beliefs (both religious and non-religious) making up our school community, having a curriculum in place that serves to teach our children how to care about their own religion and those of their peers in a respectful manner is a focal point of how we deliver religious education.


P0286 School Drivers CONNECTConnections: Making connections between and recognising the differences and unique qualities of religions and belief systems is something we have carefully considered in our curriculum so that our children can engage with these concepts with increasing complexity as they move though our school.


P0286 School Drivers COMMCommunication: We place considerable emphasis on communicating our beliefs to each other and understanding the morality and teachings of religion within our curriculum. Being to articulate a belief and to objectively consider religious beliefs is also something that our children are consistently exposed to.


P0286 School Drivers CURIOSCuriosity:  With religion aiming to provide answers to some of the greatest questions that circulate within society, we use an enquiry based approach to engage our children with questions as the focal point of our religious education topics.

We follow the Islington SACRE syllabus from Early Years to Year 6. Please click here for more information, the program of study and progression: 

RE Curriculum OverviewRE Knowledge and Skills ProgressionIslington SACRE Agreed Syllabus-2022-2027