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"We believe in working hard, learning from our failures, and celebrating our successes." 

Welcome to Winton Primary School

I am very pleased to welcome you to our website and to our school where we believe that every child should have the chance to learn, achieve, develop confidence, and ‘make their mark’.

 We are committed to providing a broad, balanced and enjoyable education for all children within a supportive and caring environment. We strongly believe that it is important for all members of our school community to treat each other with respect, and to inspire each other to succeed. At our school, we do not settle for second best and we aspire for every child to achieve highly and to develop the confidence and skills to ‘make their mark’ and become a life-long learner!

If you are interested in visiting our school, we do regular tours for visitors, so please call our school office and come along and see Winton in action.

Claire Brown, Headteacher

News & Tweets

@wintonprimaryn1 . Dec 9
Incredible after school puppet club performance. Thank you for the opportunity. https://t.co/WT1C8HOym3
@wintonprimaryn1 . Nov 19
What a rich morning looking at the depth and development of character in with and https://t.co/yAgz7U8ojJ
@wintonprimaryn1 . Nov 10
We had a busy week last week with visits to , , , AND Warden Hill Junior School! Hope you all enjoyed the Boggling Brain workshop and getting stuck in to some science!
@wintonprimaryn1 . Nov 4
🎆🎇 Happy Diwali to all families celebrating 🎇🎆 Children have enjoyed creating rangoli patterns and making diva lamps today to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali https://t.co/Zi2RAdGppF
@wintonprimaryn1 . Oct 19
Education is about potentially changing lives. It is hard…it is a struggle…but oh my word, it is so rewarding. This morning, I have had the joy of seeing the incredible progress in writing . Their journey is incredible. 1/2 https://t.co/qHv7ei7Kn8
@wintonprimaryn1 . Oct 19
“Charcoal loneliness had skidded down his spine. In front of him, a drop of rain sat on the damp leaves which glared toward the waterfall. What had been a chest of joy had become alit of grief. Jesse was frightened. He was alone.” https://t.co/7pDcT9lufk
@wintonprimaryn1 . Oct 16
Excellent visit today for school to Spitalfields City Farm funded by the Water Conservation Trust. Children learnt about food production, types of vegetables and fruits, pollination, pest control and animal welfare. Then they made butter with herbs from the farm https://t.co/ohAWiQolJg
@wintonprimaryn1 . Oct 15
It’s not just William Shatner who launched this week. We’re delighted to officially introduce our new websites: for the Learning Quarter Partnership (https://t.co/wWDBr2bgOY), Winton (https://t.co/QvvwQdTtmu) & for Hugh Myddelton (https://t.co/4SJUvEU3OP). 🚀🌒💻📱✨ https://t.co/EVro6cBW2h
@wintonprimaryn1 . Sep 21
So much fun inventing stories with nursery and reception children this morning. https://t.co/bxH7POdELW
@wintonprimaryn1 . Sep 21
A fun and engaging morning in Early Years. As always, children loved inventing and acting out stories with Staff are all enthused to give it a go too! https://t.co/YjraMGKzyZ
@wintonprimaryn1 . Sep 15
Fantastic virtual training with . Can't wait to see the impact with our children.
@wintonprimaryn1 . Aug 26
We'll gift 250k beautiful books to children across the UK this year. London primaries can apply for 3 books per child plus the loan of one of our Pop Up Book Huts. These are a hugely inviting focal point for book gifting - children love them! DM to apply.Pls❤️& RT if you can. https://t.co/dj5TCk5LMM
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jul 7
Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 https://t.co/e2jXMyXBJb
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 24
Great leaders reflect and adapt practice based on what is effective, not what is historic. I love working with such leaders. Thank you for such inspirational leadership. will continue to flourish under your guidance.
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 23
this I would to send a big shout out the whole staff team . You’re brilliant❤️
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 23
🚨Missing Penguin Alert 🚨 Year 1 have been enthusiastically learning their story map to help find Pip the missing penguin 🐧 https://t.co/IqfHhLyelC
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 21
Reception enjoyed learning to draw chicks following a Draw with Rob tutorial https://t.co/6Zs3EtoBgc
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 18
The children in Little Stars visited the chicks this afternoon 🐥 https://t.co/0bINhlHTzo
@wintonprimaryn1 . Jun 18
Reception have had great fun watching the chicks hatch and grow this week 🐣🐥 https://t.co/poN7DJDj9u