Creative Arts

At Winton, we believe that exposing our children to and placing value on the experimentation, freedom of choice and self-expression of art and design means that we feel we can give children the opportunity to shine in creative and innovative ways, whilst also fostering an appreciation of art, structure and design in the wider world.

P0286 School Drivers CARINGCaring: Giving children opportunities to express who we are or how we want to represent something allows our children to show who and what they care about or how they feel they want to represent someone or something.


P0286 School Drivers CONNECTConnections: With both art and design organised into key strands of learning that children are exposed to each year, they are able to make connections between these strands and core disciplines associated with each subject.


P0286 School Drivers COMMCommunication: Communicating feelings and emotions through art and design projects is a key feature of our art and design curriculum. With ‘evaluation’ seen as a core part of the learning process, we also encourage children to think about how they communicate feedback to others about their work.


P0286 School Drivers CURIOSCuriosity: Whilst artistic and design based skills provide the foundation of our curriculum, being curious about where art comes from or why an artist, architect or designer  has expressed themselves in the way they have chosen gives important to context to what is being taught.

Our curriculum: 



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