Learning Quarter Partnership 15


Learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) not only prepares children linguistically but also cultivates an open-mindedness towards and interest different cultures. Although the government’s statutory Modern Foreign Language (MFL) requirement at primary level is uniquely targeted at KS2, children at Hugh Myddelton and Winton Primary Schools are fortunate enough to be taught French right from EYFS to the end of Year 6.

We seek to integrate this widely spoken MFL from a young age when children are more receptive and are naturally curious. Every year group receives French weekly and the duration of lessons is dependent on the children's age and attention space.

Our language lessons seek to engage children and are set in an authentic context. Language, using purposeful resources and activities: from songs and picture books to games and role plays. New vocabulary is always accompanied by visual representations and frequently tie in with our 'Talk for Writing' approach, used in story-telling in English lessons, whereby vocabulary is linked to a given action to aid recall.

The French curriculum at our schools cover the four skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. However, we prioritise oracy so that children have the confidence to communicate and be immersed in French from a young age.

Our French lessons are also supported by various school clubs including French Art Club, Midi French Lunch and The French Library Project Club.

In addition to French, our pupils will also receive weekly Mandarin lessons with a native Mandarin speaker from Year 3. They will participate in cultural lessons, learning Chinese calligraphy, cooking and the history of Chinese opera!

Learning French, and how to help your child at home

Progression of skills in French