Music is highly valued at Winton Primary, our approach is to provide all pupils with the opportunity to excel and express themselves musically by delivering an extensive programme of high-quality music provision. That is based on building knowledge, the model music curriculum and is bespoke to our setting. Our wide and expansive range of musical instruments and equipment allows pupils to experience well-resourced music lessons following the national curriculum, whole class instrumental lessons, choirs and instrumental clubs. Each Key Stage within the school focuses on age-appropriate skills and uses a range of strategies and interventions to support the pupils. In Early Years Foundation Stage Pupils explore and use a variety of media through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities. They have opportunities to learn to: ·         Explore and experiment with musical instruments. ·         Sing songs, make music and experiment with ways of changing them Key Stage 1 & 2 We maintain a core focus on rhythm, patterns and structure throughout KS1 and KS2, with different age-appropriate focal points alongside this to build a wider understanding of fundamental musical concepts, as described in the National Curriculum, including: ·         Pitch ·         Dynamics ·         Tempo ·         Duration ·         Music Notation ·         Performance ·         Musical features Concepts are explored, recapped and consolidated not only from lesson-to-lesson, but also from year-to-year; we ensure that learning is continuous. In Key Stage 1 the children are introduced to sound, duration, pitch, dynamics,  beat and rhythm, instruments and symbols, singing together, solo and ensemble work, timbre, tempo and dynamics throughout the year. In Key Stage 2 the children learn and embed their knowledge on pitch, rhythmic patterns, scales, melodies, ostinatos, cyclic patters, rounds, body percussion, time signatures, music notation, tempo, solo and ensemble work, lyrics, melody, musical process, western & non-western music and music technology throughout the year.