Curriculum driver

At Hugh Myddelton Primary School we believe in laying the foundations on which children can build their futures. Staff work hard to instill an early love for learning: they aim to capture and nurture it, enabling our children to grow into confident, independent and successful individuals.


Our ambitious and inspiring curriculum aims to develop the whole child as a unique intelligent learner by:

  •         developing curiosity through inquiry led to learning 
  •         creating knowledgeable intelligent thinkers that engage with issues both locally and globally 
  •         expressing ourselves confidently 
  •         acting with integrity, honesty, and dignity with a strong sense of fairness and justice 
  •         appreciate our own cultures and histories as well as the values and traditions of others  
  •         showing empathy, compassion, and respect and strive to make a difference 
  •         working independently with determination to explore new ideas and to face challenges 


If you would like to know more about the curriculum we follow at Hugh Myddelton, please email or call the school office on 020 7278 6075.