Remote Learning

Our strategy is a hybrid learning approach. This involves the input of a variety of curriculum-aligned educational resources and practices, including the use of an efficient and intuitive learning management system to promote and encourage teacher and child efficacy, machine learning resources, teacher led video tutorials, personalised phone calls to parents and printable learning packs.

This approach enables staff and governors to easily access individualised analytics of children’s learning, reinforce positive behaviours through daily interactions, assess learning through completed lessons and courses, and problem solve and target specific learning needs. These include video tutorials, self-led learning educational games, ability aligned online reading material and quizzes, interactive reading comprehension program and digital worksheets to accompany children’s analogue or digital work responses.

Resources to deliver this hybrid learning curriculum include:

• Live lessons via Zoom for core subjects for children who are unable to access physical school

• Home Learning lessons and weekly homework are delivered through the following digital, online learning tools:

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• Printed learning packs are available for children who are unable to access the Internet via a digital device

We strive to ensure that all learners have access to a high quality education at all times.